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WWW Vs Non-WWW – Which one to consider for SEO?

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Many of you might have the question: WWW or NON-WWW? 

Well, there’s a myth in SEO that WWW is SEO friendly, not NON-WWW and vice versa. Actually, both WWW and NON-WWW have the same SEO ranking factor and both can boost your search engine rank equally. So, what you need to consider is which one looks better for your business.

According to John Mueller of Google, it doesn’t matter which option you choose that’s brand’s decision. So you can choose one which suits you and stay with that.


URLs with WWW

SEO Advantages of a WWW vs Non-WWW

There’s no SEO advantage of a WWW vs NON-WWW, only depends on what looks better and how you want to promote your business.

Both are SEO friendly and both can be used. For SEO purpose, you can use either of them which suits your business.


You might have noticed that some website use WWW URLs and some prefer Non-WWW URLs. You should not use both options at the same time.

There are a lot of important factors to consider when you decide to use both options, such as some search engines may consider your website as duplicate. So, in this sense, you can check which option is appropriate for your business and stick to that.

Many experts believe that if your website has both URL’s, they will treat it as a new site. If you are just getting started, make sure you pick smartly which suits you. WWW is used by websites that have good page views, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.


  • People trust WWW URLs more than Non-WWW URLs.
  • They is no generally no problem regarding duplicate page if you have WWW URLs.
  • It helps with cookies restrictions.

 (If your website is, but you also have and Cookies will be passed from both sub-domains. When the correct cookie values are not used, security becomes a concern. By adding WWW to your URL, you have the option to restrict these cookies and prevent potential security concerns.)


  • If you used Non-WWW URL that will be a duplicate page, so it can affect your website in terms of SEO.
  • Keep your keywords simple and short unless you do keyword research before choosing this option.

PROs of Non-WWW URLs:

  • The biggest advantage of Non-WWW URLs is its very easy to type and access that improves more direct traffic.

CONs of Non-WWW URLs:

  • The disadvantage of a non-WWW URL is that they don’t include CNAME records that direct you from one server to another

Which one to consider for SEO WWW vs Non-WWW?

There’s no SEO advantage of a WWW vs NON-WWW, only depends on what looks better for your business. We would not force you to choose one or the other because your choice is the best for your business. Both work well.

We hope this article delivers you what you are looking for. Let me know in the comments section if you some extra points or any queries.

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