UTM Link Generator

What is a UTM Link?

You can use UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) to track where website traffic comes from if users click on a link to this URL and see where it comes from.

Using this text, marketers can attribute the success of a campaign to particular pieces of content by matching it to the webpage this URL links to.

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  • Campaign

    Using campaign-based tracking tags, you can attribute website traffic to links placed as part of a 50% discount promotion you're running. The example UTM code below illustrates this.

    Here is an example: utm_campaign=50OFF

  • Source

    The source-based URL parameter can let you know which website is sending you traffic. You can add this example code to every link you post to your Facebook page so you can keep track of all traffic.

    Here is an example: utm_source=Facebook

  • Medium

    The UTM code below shows the medium in which your tracked link appears. You can use this code to track any traffic that comes from social media (versus other mediums, such as email).

    Here is an example: utm_source=Facebook

  • Content

    Using this type of UTM code, you can track content that points to the same destination. Usually used in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or on pages with two identical links, as shown in the sample UTM code below.

    Here is an example: utm_content=content-end or utm_content=sidebar-ad

  • Term

    You can use UTM codes to track keywords you've paid for in a PPC campaign. If you use Google Adwords for the keyword, "website development," you can add the following code to your link.

    Here is an example: utm_term=website+development

Create/Generate UTM Link in Just 4 steps

    Creating/Generating a UTM link - follow the simple steps given below;
  1. Scroll above and see the generator.
  2. Now, enter your URL, UTM Source, UTM Medium, UTM Campaign, UTM Term, UTM Content.
  3. After this click on "Generate UTM Link" button.
  4. Thats it, you can now copy your UTM Link

UTM Link Generator FAQs

How do I get a UTM code?

You can use our tool UTM Link Generator by scrolling above. Fill the details and click on generate button to get the UTM code.

What is a UTM example?

is an example of UTM link.

Where do I find my UTM code in Google Analytics?

If WhatsApp is active in your country, this link will work.

What is UTM in SEO?

To track and measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns, successful marketers use Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes, which are snippets of code attached to the end of URLs.

What are the 5 UTM parameters?

  1. UTM Medium: Think of it as a channel.
  2. UTM Source: Each site within that channel.
  3. UTM campaign: Specific campaign you're running.
  4. UTM Content: Postition where traffic comes from.
  5. UTM Term: UTM Term is rarely used by marketers today.

How to track UTM codes in google analytics?

The UTM campaign parameters for Google Analytics can be found under Acquisition>Campaigns>All campaigns in the Reports section.

Does UTM affect SEO?

It might affect if you use "utm_source" because this might cause issues with duplicate content.

Do UTM links expire?

Sessions expire after 30 minutes and campaigns are valid for 6 months.