Mailto Link Generator

Mailto Link Generator helps you to generate the mailto link with subject, body in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions - Mailto Link Generator

1. What is a mailto link?

Mailto links allow users to send an email directly from HTML documents, without having to copy and paste the email address into an email client such as Gmail or Outlook first.
Mailto links structure:


Then comes the email address without any additional characters, just the email address as is.

2. Mailto Link Generator: Why should you use it?

Certain special characters cannot be used in the subject and body of a Mailto link. These special characters include the question mark (? ), the ampersand (&), and the exclamation mark (!).

With the Mailto Link Generator tool, you can generate mailto links with subject and body that are encoded to avoid special characters in your emails.

3. How to generate Mailto Link?

Here's how you can generate Mailto Link:

  • Enter the recipient's email address in the "Email Address" field.
  • In the "Subject" field, enter the subject of your email.
  • You can enter your body text in the "Body" field.
  • Next, click on the generate button to get the Mailto link.

4. How to use Multiple mail IDs?

You can separate multiple email addresses with a comma (,) or a semicolon (;).