Easy Excel and Google Sheets Formula Generator

Example 1: "Calculate the sum of cells B2 to B10"

Example 2: "Find the average of values in the range G5 to G15"

Example 3: "Apply a VLOOKUP function to match values from column A to column B"

Easy Google Sheets and Excel Formula Generation

Our advanced Google Sheets and Excel formula generator makes it easy to create complex formulas quickly and accurately. Simply input your desired task and our generator will create a custom formula for your needs.

Perfect for business analysts, data scientists, teachers, students, and anyone who needs to use Excel or Google Sheets for their work or personal projects. Save time and increase your productivity with our formula generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the formula generator work?

Our generator uses advanced algorithms and AI to create accurate formulas based on your input. Simply provide a description of the task you want to accomplish, and our generator will create a custom formula for you.

Can I use this generator for both Google Sheets and Excel?

Yes, our formula generator can create formulas for both Google Sheets and Excel. However, there may be some differences in functionality between the two programs, so always double-check to ensure the generated formula works as expected in your chosen software.

What to enter in API Key Field?

You have to generate Open AI key there. We do not store any key at our end. Your local browser will store the key for future reference.

Can Google Sheets Generator handle complex calculations?

Absolutely! Google Sheets Generator AI can handle a wide range of calculations, from simple sums to complex analysis. If it's a calculation you can do in a spreadsheet, Sheet+ can likely help.